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Stomach Exercieses - The 29 Home-Exercises You Can Do To Lose Stomach Fat

By Craig Ballantyne

Forget about purchasing a gym membership you'll never use. And don't worry if you don't have thousands of dollars to spend on complex home gym machines. All you need is a set of dumbells and your bodyweight to do dozens of exercises that burn fat at home.

If you have dumbells, you can do even more exercises, and increase the challenge of your bodyweight exercises. If you don't want to go to a workout center anymore, then don't worry, you can burn fat at home.

Plus, by exercising at home, you'll get your workouts done in the same amount of time as it would take to drive to the gym and back. Talk about a time saver!

Here are 27 exercises you can do at home to lose fat and build muscle, helping you burn belly fat and get 6-pack abs.

By putting these exercises together into supersets, you can get a total body resistance training workout done in only 20 minutes. Follow that up with 15-20 minutes of interval training, and you'll have the best belly fat burning workout you can do in only 45 minutes.

Boring aerobic exercise is not necessary for fat loss. Let's take a look at these fat burning, minimal equipment exercises you can do in a small space in your own home.

Here are the lower body exercises you can do to boost your metabolism and build a better butt and legs.

1. Squats

2. Stability Ball Leg Curls (don't worry, these stability balls are super cheap, and you can get them for only $20 at almost any department store)

3. Lying hip extensions

4. Lying single leg hip extensions

5. Split Squats (aka. the stationary lunge)

6. Split Squats with your back foot elevated 6 inches

7. Reverse Lunges

8. Forward Lunges

9. Stepups

10. 1-Leg Squats

Many of those calorie-burning exercises can be done with dumbells as well, if you need to increase the challenge. If you want to build muscle, you'll need to use dumbells as well.

There are many more lower body exercises you can do without machines. And its the same story with upper body exercises as well.

To work your arms and your chest, you can do all sorts of pushups.

1. Regular pushups

2. Close-grip pushups

3. Pushups with your feet elevated

4. Pushups with one hand elevated

5. My favorite, most difficult pushup, "Spiderman Pushups"

6. And beginners can start with either Incline Pushups or Kneeling Pushups.

If you have a bench and a set of dumbells, you can do...

1. Dumbell chest presses

2. Dumbell incline presses

3. Dumbell shoulder presses

And there are many variations of those you can do as well.

Training your back is trickier when exercising at home. If you have an adjustable pullup bar, you can do:

1. Inverted Bodyweight Rows (aka. Reverse Pushups)

2. Chinups

3. Pullups (these are overhand grip and harder than chinups)

Of course, I'm leaving out many variations of these fantastic exercises.

If you don't have a bar, you need to use dumbells, and can do:

1. Dumbell Rows (there are probably a dozen different ways to do dumbell rows)

2. Dumbell Rear-Deltoid Raises

Finally, we'll finish with ab training exercises you can do at home. Let's ignore situps and crunches, since they aren't the best use of your time, and can damage the low back.

I avoid crunching type ab exercises in my programs and use static endurance exercises, like:

1. Planks (and side planks)

2. Mountain Climbers

3. Stability Ball Jackknives

4. Stability Ball Rollouts

5. The Ab Wheel (yes, this infomercial gadget is actually useful!)

So that's at least 29 fat burning exercises you can do at home. But in fact, simple variations in technique, or adding dumbells, or changing hand position can actually give you 101 exercises you can with this list to help you burn belly fat and sculpt your body.

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Stomach Exercises - One Exercise That Will Change Your Life

Stomach exercises are one of the most popular exercises today. Most people want to have the killer abs but don't want to do the exercises to get that shape. To get the desire result in any exercise program example like stomach exercises routine you need to research to find out what is the best exercise to do to get the desire results. A great number of people have a dream of getting raid of their gut. But the sad part of this is that most people don't do the research to know the right exercises for their intended goal. They rather spend a lot of money on useless equipments. In some cases the true exercise will not cost them a dime.

In my opinion the exercises that truly work for any part of the body is walking or jogging on regular bases and increasing your endurance.

One thing we forget is that, whatever shape we find our body in presently did not get there over night. It took years for the body to get there. So the first thing we have to do is have a realistic goal and know that it will take time and determination. Our mindset should be exercising the whole body to get flatter abs because just common crunches without cardio will not cut it. Begin your quest with cardio exercises. This will increase your heart rate and increase your metabolism. Do a good fast pace walk 3 times a week. This burns calories and gives you a strong heart. Fast brisk walk mixed with interval of fast pace running is a good exercise for your cardio.

Exercise without healthy diet is meaningless. A combination walking and/or jogging and a healthy diet is one of the best stomach exercises you can perform because it raises your metabolism enough to burn unwanted calories all over your body.

To get the killer abs you are looking for

1. You need to commit to it.

2. Get off your but and start walking or running 3 times a week.

3. Eat a healthy diet.

4. Have realistic goals.

5. Reward yourself when you achieve a milestone.

6. Finally make it fun and have fun doing it.

Stomach exercises goals can be accomplished a lot more quickly with a total body workout in mind. Stay focus, be persistent and work at your plan consistently. Don't give up because quitters never win. Eventually you are going win.

For your more information and resources on quick easy to implement stomach exercises and building strong mid section visit

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Stomach Exercises - Find Your Reason

I believe people should have reasons for doing things. The same goes for stomach exercises. If you want

A) To get different result's you need to do things differently. If you continue to do the same thing as you have been doing, you will change nothing.

B) An average human stomach can shrink within 24 hours. The human stomach is a flexible organ much like a harmonica it expands and contracts according to current conditions. When I help you shrink that organ, two things happen, 1) you are sated quicker, you are not hungry after eating much less food meaning we burn your fat reserves and 2) a small, shrunk stomach organ means there is more room to do the special types of exercises I will ask you to do around your mid section.

C) By following the food consumption guidelines for 23 days only, you avoid the catabolic state. We use a decoy food to trick the body into thinking it is getting what it needs in catabolic state, meaning it leaves your muscle alone and burns fat reserves.We feed the muscle growth for massive gains due to eating certain types of foods and particularly eating them at pre defined times which are clearly explained.

D) I explain the mind/muscle connection. Completely under utilized, this point alone creates escalating gains. In plain English I explain to you how to squeeze and what to feel for in the obliques and the primaries. Once you comprehend what to feel for while doing the movements, your gains will compound on a daily basis. (There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that you will over train a muscle group if you work it every day- in my experience "over training" is a complete fallacy)

E) By around day 10 or 12, you will notice a visual difference in your torso. It should begin to show signs of ridges and bumps when you run your hand across it, even if the outer layer of skin is still too thick to reveal the results of the system. You will notice an effortless flattening of your belly (not from sucking in your gut) The reason your tummy begins to flatten is obviously because the muscle group holds your organs in more effectively. The pot belly effect is just your organs showing because of weak muscle tension.

F) The remaining 2 weeks, along with the pounds you will have already lost in the first 2 weeks, you should have dropped around 15 to 20 pounds of fat depending on your starting body weight. This is, for the average overweight person, sufficient to reveal the outline and shape of the familiar 6 pack shape on the stomach. Depending on how overweight you were to start with, the results will vary from good, to very good to awesome.

G) This will all be achieved WITHOUT making you lift heavy weights or back breaking exercises. I will be showing you how to communicate subliminally with your body, so it initializes the fight response in your system. This effectively tells the body to stop storing the food you eat into fat reserves, but instead start building abdominals. Once this process is in full swing, by say day 5, even your fat reserves will start being utilized for muscle fiber manufacture.

You have nothing to loose, go to my reasons